This is it. Today is the day that I’ve waited over a decade to celebrate. The release of my very first novel. I am humbled, grateful, and thankful that something I’ve written is now available for the world to see.

I am humbled because I know what it’s taken for me to get to this point. I first began writing in the early 2000’s. I remember my Business of Screenwriting class had ended, and I was one out of three students chosen for a 1:1 meeting with the Director of the Screenwriting Program to discuss my script. He asked me where I attended school. I told him where I went and of my Psych degree. He promptly stated, “No, I mean, what school did you go to for writing?” I informed him that I didn’t go to school for writing. When I was going to University, I didn’t even know I had the talent to write (If I had, my college career would have been extremely different than it was) 😆. He told me that I had a natural talent for writing, specifically in writing dialogue. From that point on I had the confidence to pursue my dream of becoming a screenwriter. So, the obvious irony is, today I am celebrating being a novelist. Will I ever become a working screenwriter as well? I believe I will. Can I do both? Absolutely! Why not? I became a novelist in part because I was tired of people telling me what I couldn’t do. Instead of staying in the small boxes that “others” felt I belonged in, I decided to DREAM BIGGER! Incidentally, this has become the “tag-line” that I’ve written in the few books I’ve signed for people. Dream Bigger.

I’m grateful that there was someone willing to take a chance on my writing. Obtaining a traditional publisher is a very hard thing to do, let alone an agent or manager who believes in you. It took me over 7 years to get a publisher (when I started looking for one). I’m not afraid to be persistent. I’m not afraid to try, try again. I’m definitely not afraid of the word “No.” All I needed was one “yes” and now you’re reading my blog. I once asked my publisher why he decided to contract with me. He stated, “I knew I wanted to publish your book after I read the first four paragraphs.” What did he see that hundreds of other agents, managers and publishers didn’t see? I like to believe he saw my heart. Whoever’s reading this, I hope and pray you also have eyes to see.

I am thankful for all the wonderful people who have already bought my book and for the many others who will in the future. Out of all the books you could have spent your hard-earned money on, you bought mine. Thank you. I’m also excited for you because I know the roller-coaster ride of emotions you are about to embark in reading my first novel, Mendel. I’m confident you will enjoy the ride.

Let’s Go Get It